The Wiiiiindy City 2013


Travelling is one of THE most exciting things that I think anyone could ever do. The sheer feeling of going someplace new that is far different from where you’re from gives me something to look forward to. This year, I had the most amazing time in Chicago during my Reading Week break, and it was one by far one of the best trips i’ve ever gone on.

As a student, I don’t get to travel much. Especially while living on a student budget, travelling is just something I don’t do or think about. So when my boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Chicago for a week, I was ecstatic. He’s the type of person that loves to surprise me, and this was one of those times he went all out!

Chicago is an amazing city. It has such a contrast of rich and poor, modern and old, and a LOT of bustle and hustle. It has such a history behind it and the architecture around the downtown is amazing. We had a list of places to go and things to see.

The first night, we arrived in the afternoon so we decided to just tour around the area where our hotel was. We stayed at the Sofitel, a four-star and a half star hotel located in the heart of downtown (

This hotel is amazing. The decor is so modern, everyone who works there is SO nice and we couldn’t have asked for a better stay. Not to mention the location is ideal – close enough to walk everywhere, yet quiet enough to have a peaceful night in. Perfect for couples 🙂


We went around downtown (Michigan Ave) and oh my gosh, there are so many stores.. it’s a shopping HAVEN! We stopped to take pictures; Chicago is so scenic and we got some pretty amazing photos.

We went in the middle of February, and you know what they say about Chicago.. it’s called the Windy City for a reason. Our first night was surprisingly very mild (only -1 degrees C!) so it was really nice to walk around with a fall coat.

The Bean - Cloud Gate

One of the most famous landmarks that we wanted to see was “Cloud Gate”, aka “The Bean”! I’m sure you’ve seen it in many movies (Dear John, anyone?) When my boyfriend and I turned the corner to see The Bean, our jaws literally dropped. The reflection of it on the city was one of the most beautiful things i’ve ever seen. It’s such a simple design, but it truly leaves a mark in my memory. Above is a day and night shot taken by my boyfriend and I.


This is the view from the John Hancock Observatory. Isn’t Chicago so beautiful?!?


Another popular tourist spot is the Skydeck. If you’ve been to the CN Tower in Toronto, it’s like the glass floor that they have there but much higher. Willis Tower (or the Sears Tower) is the second tallest skyscraper in America! I almost peed my pants when I was forced by my boyfriend to step onto this….

Us on the Megatron… we’re in the back with the camera and pointing up! LOL


And WHAT trip is complete without taking in a basketball game or two?! We travelled by bus to Indianapolis to see the NY Knicks and the Pacers play. What an awesome arena! We also saw Miami vs. Chicago… what a game. Four awesome teams that made it to the playoffs this year, so many All-Stars.. a great ending to the trip!

This is just a snippet of my Chicago trip this year! Hope you enjoyed it!



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