Harper’s Burger Bar – KINGSTON, ON


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Burger joints are becoming really popular here, with three of them opening in the last year JUST in the downtown Kingston area! My friend and I decided to go check out Harper’s Burger Bar, located downtown on Princess Street.

The menu is mostly made up of fresh local burgers, with some hotdogs, salads etc. We went there specifically to try the burgers though.

We both had the sliders, so we got to order 3 different kinds of mini-burgers. They had 19 types, so it was cool that we got to sample a bit of their menu at once. I got the #1 Classic (secret sauce, lettuce, tomato, red onion), #2 Easy (black river cheddar, bacon, no mushrooms) and the #13 Yum! (goat cheese, local bacon, sundried tomato pesto and no mushrooms). Also got sweet potato fries as the side.  The presentation was simple – came in a metal tray and was neatly organized. I tried them in numerical order – the #1 was very simple. Buns are toasted and the sauce is very good, which adds to the juicyness of the patty. Next was the #2, which was also good – simple, crispy bacon and cheddar cheese, nothing more. Then onto the #13… this was by far my favourite. The tomato pesto and the goat cheese are great together. The crispy bacon and the toasty bun offsets the softness of the pesto and the goat cheese and they just went so well together. I definitely recommend this one. Sweet potato fries were also really good – didn’t have that greasy feeling and there was plenty to fill you up while not overloading you. (I also recommend asking for a side of the white truffle mayo.. delish!)

The one thing I love about Harper’s is that they try to do alot of local ingredients, and since they are located so close to Springer Market Square, they have access to of the fresh ingredients from the farmer’s market.


Atmosphere: 4/5 – inside is really nice, clean, with cute booths and chalkboards to tell you the menu. Loud but comfortable.
The Dish I had: 4/5 – the #13 made my meal.
Price Range: Around $10-15

A definite recommendation for burger lovers.